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Hahaha my gf Faith is so adorable<3shes really confused though.The title of gf frightens her even if she wont admit it.I love even though she dumped me twice.I will always take her back.

Does anyone know what life is like in an insane asylum?I must know.

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Hello thar...It's me,Jocelyn life sucks when you're a minor and everyones telling you what to do and such.HEY!!!Does anyone out there know what its like in an insane asylum?I'm very curious and really want to know what life is like in one of those and what it looks like.So if anyone knows anything about asylums PLEASE tell me.Thanks^.^

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Hello everybody.Hi...I'm Jocelyn and this stuff is all new to me I have never done anything like this before.I just got back from school,which was pretty sucky as always.Nothing awful though.I was trying to avoid my gf this morning because things are kind of awkward right now.My father has forbidden me to see her and the only reason he even knows we are together is because he got into a journal of mine and decided he was gonna read it.Isn't that very fatherly of him?He never even told me that he read it but he told my friend Madi's dad Steve about it and Steve told Madi whoo in turn told me.He doesn't know that I know but I hope that the guilt of violating his daughters privacy rots him from the inside out.Now I can't even hang out with my gf,Faith.I think it sucks that I'm not even allowed to go to her house for an hour or two.I really want to kiss Faith but she doesn't want people to know about it so I can't at school which is the only place I ever see her now.I hate my father.

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